3 F’s to Remind You Why It’s Great to Have an Online Business

Having an online business for over 10 years, I still manage to find something new to inspire me every day. One thing that I recently did, that was super cool, was meeting my online Heal family in person!

Back in May, I decided to do a CEO drive-by.  I visited some of my HEAL affiliate’s homes in Oregon and Washington. The world was struggling to survive with a virus outbreak, and most people were reluctant to let any outsiders inside their homes. However, what was super awesome was that my HEAL family not only welcomed me into their homes, but were also very excited to see me! Most of them had not met me in person before and were absolutely thrilled when I arrived. What was even more amazing is that this experience reminded me of THREE perks of having an online business.


The greatest thing about owning an online business is the endless world of possibilities. You can market your products and services on multiple platforms, connect with people from all around the world, and have the flexibility to choose from a variety of investment options. 

There are many cutting-edge technologies and virtual tools out there to help you grow your business. But even in the digital world, you have to master skills like sales, marketing and investment. It’s super important to keep learning and expanding your skills. You can also research which tools will best suit your business needs.


Another great thing about having an online business (which appealed to me the most as a digital nomad) is having the freedom to travel when I want, how I want, and wherever I want.  I can also choose to work when I please and still achieve great results!

I can be relaxing on white sands near turquoise waters while sipping my favorite Pina Colada or chilling on a hammock under a beautiful palm tree while managing my business. Sounds cool, right? However, that doesn’t mean enjoying endless holidays without working at all. A smart entrepreneur knows well how to divide time between the chilling part and the business part. Remember, hard work and motivation are the keys to a successful business.


It was the thing that I experienced in May. Having online connections and a network of affiliates sounds great. But what’s greater is the moment you realize that these people are actually your family! And just like regular families, all of them have unique places and inspirations of their own. The way my HEAL affiliates welcomed me in their homes despite the pandemic was epic. I have always believed that every person leaves an impression on us, and meeting with my super cool HEAL family was truly amazing.

The whole experience reminded me that this is what HEAL is about. To motivate, to inspire, to empower and to uplift. I plan to hold another drive-by soon. I wish more power to all entrepreneurs out there. Let’s enjoy the benefits of having an online business!

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