Out of the Blue to the Exotic Beaches –The Bahamas Dream

Stunning beaches, friendly people, great food, Bahamas was an exotic ride! My mom has been dreaming to visit this piece of heaven for so long but I hadn’t given it much of a thought. When she told me that we are heading to the Bahamas, I suddenly realized that this will be another cool dream which will turn into a reality!

And now that I have seen the SUPER cool Bahamas, I am sure to get my own place over there! Here are a few things that I absolutely love about the Bahamas:

Lovely Beaches and Amazing Habitat

Beautiful turquoise waters, white sand with starfishes and seashells, palm trees and a variety of underwater species including dolphins, rays, conch, sea turtles, and best of all wild pigs! Bahamas would easily be the dream destination of any world wide traveler like me. Besides the one-of-its-kind experience of hanging out with the pigs on Green Turtle Cay, Great Abaco stole my heart. Very few beaches in the world offer such exotic beauty as of this piece of PARADISE!!

Excellent Food

One of the great things about traveling is you get to try food from some of the most amazing restaurants on this planet, and the Bahamas would not disappoint you in terms of taste! Whether it is ice cream, cold brew coffee, lobsters or conch, everything has an intense flavor!

Friendly People

It is always fun to see friendly faces around you, especially when you are exploring a place for the very first time. People in the Bahamas are so friendly and open. We toured the town, had fun snorkeling, boating, swimming and fishing. My mom collected some pretty unique seashells around the beaches. It was an awesome experience, full of non-stop laughter and thrill.

Investments are Booming

Many people rave about the Bahamas because of its tropical climate and super cool lifestyle, and real estate is the easiest route to settle in here. What I like most about the Bahamas is that it’s tax-friendly which makes it the perfect place for investments, especially for foreign investors, and in near future, I am planning to buy a house in that beautiful piece of paradise.

This is the thing I love most about the investments. You can live and travel wherever you want! You experience all those amazing things which you always wanted to experience and you visit all those cool places, which you have been dreaming to visit. What I have learned from my past is that you should never stop dreaming. Keep your dreams alive and keep working hard for them. There will come a day when you will be living your dream and laughing off at all those silly mistakes you made. Until that day, never stop dreaming, keep working hard and stay focused. The Bahamas was my mom’s dream. Now, it has become my dream, and remember, dreams are meant to be achieved!

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