3 F’s to Remind You Why It’s Great to Have an Online Business

Having an online business for over 10 years, I still manage to find something new to inspire me every day. One thing that I recently did, that was super cool, was meeting my online Heal family in person! Back in May, I decided to do a CEO drive-by.  I visited some of my HEAL affiliate’s […]

Colorado – Rediscovering High Mountains and Equally High Self-esteem!

I won’t be wrong if I say that there are very few places on this planet which are as stunning as Colorado. No matter how many times I visit this place, I always find it full of bursting energy! With breath-taking views of the mountains, mesmerizing landscapes, beautiful people and dozens of awesome recreational activities, […]

5 Tips to Actually Live Your Dream – From the Hammock of Flamingo Bay, Aruba

Flamingo Bay, Aruba turned out to be one of my favourite places to visit. Our room overlooked the most incredible view of palm trees, the turquoise water, powdery white sand, and of course the cool pink flamingos, Aruba was a SUPER epic experience. I still daydream at that little piece of paradise and could not […]

Out of the Blue to the Exotic Beaches –The Bahamas Dream

Stunning beaches, friendly people, great food, Bahamas was an exotic ride! My mom has been dreaming to visit this piece of heaven for so long but I hadn’t given it much of a thought. When she told me that we are heading to the Bahamas, I suddenly realized that this will be another cool dream […]

Discovering Our Greatest Selves – Heal at Miami Beach, Florida.

A few weeks back in Florida, I hit Miami Beach with some of my entrepreneur friends. They are super cool people and each have a long list of success. The best thing about hanging out with a bunch of entrepreneurs is sharing awesome stories.  While the waves rippled at our feet and the air messed […]