Getting Lost And Finding Oneself – An Epic Experience at the Monkey Beach, Phi Phi Island

One of the greatest things about traveling is that you never know which surprises are ahead of you. I get excited and overwhelmed at the same time. And when it comes to beaches, there is nothing wrong in getting super stoked!

I had the same mesmerizing experience this week while snorkeling and exploring the beauty of Monkey Beach at Phi Phi Island. Surrounded by some of the most beautiful emerald waters and the underwater life, this white sandy piece of heaven is located just on the southwestern side of Tonsai Bay.

What makes Monkey Beach special?

The monkey Beach got its name from the furry creatures which stroll along with the tourists at this beach. These monkeys are accustomed to the people who usually share their food with them and enjoy watching these cute animals in return. However, these entertaining creatures could turn out to be a little more interactive at times!

But Monkey Beach is not just about its furry habitants. Another thing which makes this beach a perfect tourist attraction is its promising snorkeling experience.

A mesmerizing experience under turquoise waters

It’s no wonder why people love snorkeling at Monkey Beach. Swimming in shallow, pristine waters while being surrounded by a wide range of colorful species gives an awesome feeling of swimming in a giant aquarium. Apart from that, I cannot help but mention the amazing health benefits of snorkeling. The coolest thing is that you one could enjoy so many health benefits just by seeing the beauty of underwater life, AMAZING!

Final thoughts about this trip

So how was my experience with monkeys and snorkeling at that beach, or more importantly, why I ended up there in the first place?

I have always experienced that the more I connect with people and places, the more I discover. Every new person I meet, every wave which ripples at my feet, every chirp of a bird you hear and every breath you take nearby a tree gives you an experience of worth a thousand words. 

You can never forget the first person you meet while exploring a new place. You can never forget those SUPER epic moments that you spent with friends! 

All of this happens when you decide to get closer to nature and people, rather than getting lost in yourself or some remote world.

Such wonderful experiences are always a sweet reminder of how valuable entrepreneurship and investments are. How cool it is to connect with people. How important it is to motivate, to inspire, to share, to gain, and most significantly, to learn. We all need inspiration in our lives. Let’s discover it within ourselves by getting closer to nature and people. Let’s get connected and grow together!

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